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“Jesus I Come”

Travelling with your newborn for the first time is quite the adventure. The first trip back to the hospital for the 3-day checkup was very nerve-wracking and tiring. But the first time we took Lilly on an extended trip was when she was 5 weeks old, which is pretty young to be travelling with a baby. It was a 5-hour drive to where we were staying, and we were just there for the weekend. During our time there, Lilly pooped through almost every single outfit I had brought for her to wear (and I brought extras!), but the climax was when we were in the Sunday morning worship service. We were about three songs into the service, and she had been asleep in her car seat for the whole time so far. We were singing, “Jesus, I Come”, when all of a sudden we heard this awful sound – my husband and I immediately whirled around to look and see if Lilly was ok – and she was still asleep. However, she was puking up large quantities of milk – all over her, her clothes, car seat, and eventually us as we started to try and clean it up, completely forgetting that we were in a worship service and attending to the immediate mess at hand. The people in the rows behind us handed us napkins and a cup to put our trash in. I felt a little embarrassed, but I couldn’t help but laugh. You think that you’re a perfect little cute family going to church and you’ve got your life together because your baby is sleeping and your legs are shaved, but then something happens out of your control that just totally throws you for a loop. The funniest part was that Lilly stayed asleep the whole time! She was totally fine with having milk-puke all over her, sitting asleep in damp clothes. She had no idea of the scene that she was making, but I realized that this scene was a perfect depiction of the hymn the congregation was singing at that moment. As mothers, we are loaded down with caring for our children and meeting their physical needs. Sometimes it’s hard to disentangle ourselves from our messiness and focus on spiritual things. But pretending to have a perfect life doesn’t make us any closer to God. The hymn “Jesus, I Come” doesn’t say, “In (or because of) my righteousness and cute baby, Jesus I Come”, it says, “Out of my shameful failure and loss, Jesus I come”. I don’t have to be a certain way to come to Jesus. My child can be throwing up in the middle of a worship service and I can still be worshiping God while cleaning up the mess. Distractions will always come, especially for those of us that have children, but Jesus invites us to come to him despite all of that.

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