Setting Goals and Priorities as a Stay-At-Home Mom

Being a SAH Mom is a job like no other. When you think of all the components that make up a typical job, motherhood doesn’t really fulfill any of those. You don’t get paid, and you don’t get raises. You don’t have a boss or supervisor checking up on you throughout your workday and you don’t have fellow coworkers. You tend to do the same things every day; and then again, you don’t. Sometimes the only human interaction you get during the day is with babbling babies and screaming toddlers and the only results you see from your work might be your child’s smile.

I think it is very important for SAH Moms to create goals and priorities for themselves. Your job doesn’t necessarily require you to meet any certain standards; in some ways what you put into your work is what you get out of it. Setting goals will help you feel like you have accomplished something even though you may only work on it for a bit each day, and setting priorities will help you to not be so overwhelmed with all the things you think you need to do.

I would advise that you set your priorities before you set your goals, that way your priorities can help guide you in creating your goals. Here is an example of some of my top priorities as a SAH Mom:

  1. Maintain a healthy and consistent walk with God through reading His Word, praying and other spiritual activities.
  2. Take care of my physical body as God’s temple through diet, rest, & exercise.
  3. Respect and support my husband by meeting his needs and engaging with him in conversation and activities.
  4. Love and care for my daughter by promoting her physical & emotional well-being.

Then, from your priorities create realistic short-term and long-term goals of how you want to fulfill those priorities. Here are examples of my current goals for the priorities I listed above:

  1. Daily read Bible, Pray, Memory Verse; Finish readingProdigal God (short-term goal); Memorize Romans 1 (long-term goal)
  2. Daily drink 80 oz. water; Run 3 miles (short-term goal); Lose baby weight (long-term goal)
  3. Daily pray for him; Learn Greek with him (short-term goal); Establish better patterns of communication (long-term goal)
  4. Daily cuddling; Establish one nap time (short-term goal); Sleeping through the night (long-term goal)

Lastly, I would encourage you to create a schedule that includes these daily, short-term, and long-term goals. I find that if I don’t have a schedule or anywhere that I have to be in the morning then it will be 11am before I know it and I’ve not done anything other than eat breakfast and feed my baby. Now, your schedule does not have to be rigid, minute-by-minute time increments – because we all know that as a mom everything is always subject to change. So, make your schedule just a general course of action for the day that can be changed or adjusted as needed.

As a SAH Mom there are always so many things that can or need to be done – but setting priorities, goals, and a schedule will help you to be the kind of mom you want to be, rather than being pulled in every direction by what seems most urgent in the moment.

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