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How to Make Money While Breastfeeding

            By my calculations, for the first 4-6 months of a child’s life, a breastfeeding mom will spend an average of 3 hours a day breastfeeding (*see my calculations at the bottom of this post!). Now you can feel justified when you complain to your husband that you feel like you spend your whole life nursing.J Although for some women breastfeeding will be difficult (especially the first few weeks) and may require both hands and your full attention, once you’ve “got it down” it can seem a little boring. For someone like me who likes to be productive all the time, it felt a little like I was wasting my time – even though nourishing and caring for your sweet baby is incredibly important!

            Nevertheless, I went about searching for a way to be productive at times while simultaneously feeding my child. The best avenue I found was through taking surveys on my phone. You only have to use one hand (while the other is taken up holding/assisting your infant), and you can make money from doing it! Below are the top five survey sites I use to make extra income while breastfeeding. Each of these sites only require an email address and password to sign up, and reward you either through money deposited to a PayPal account or digital gift cards.

  1. Opinion Outpost

            I used Opinion Outpost even before having my baby, but continued to use it even more while breastfeeding. In the year and a half that I’ve had my account, I’ve made $260 with this site – definitely the most profitable survey site I’ve found. You acquire a certain number of points per survey you take, and every 100 points = $10. Opinion Outpost requires only a minimum of 30 points ($3) to cash out, which is the lowest threshold I’ve encountered among survey sites. There are options for PayPal, Amazon, or other charities to cash out your earnings.

  1. Survey Junkie

            I like that Survey Junkie records your earnings in dollars and cents instead of points, so you don’t always have to convert numbers in your head every time you want to figure out how much you’ve been making. Once you reach $10 you can cash out to PayPal. I also like that even if you don’t end up qualifying for a survey (by answering a few preliminary questions) you still earn a few cents for trying. On Survey Junkie not all surveys are eligible for mobile, but most of them are. I’ve been a member of this site for about 6 months and made approximately $38 so far.

  1. Toluna Surveys

            Toluna is not as easy of a site to navigate, and usually I only qualify for surveys about 70% of the time, but sometimes you can score surveys that pay quite a bit. Every 30,000 points on Toluna equals $10. You can either obtain gift cards with your points, or cash out to PayPal – though the threshold for PayPal is a minimum of $30, while the gift cards threshold is $10. I’ve had this account for about 6 months as well and made approximately $40 so far.

  1. Springboard America

            I have not cashed out with Springboard America yet because the minimum requirement is $50, or 5,000 points. I’ve made about $19 so far in the last 3 months. I tend to like the topics and format of the surveys presented through this site though.

  1. Harris Poll Online

            This site will only let you use your earnings in the form of digital gift cards or physical products that you can order, which is pretty unique. Every 625 points equals $5, which is pretty confusing to always convert in your head. I’ve made 1,000 points in the last several months that I’ve had my account, and though the lowest increment for gift cards is $5 (625 points), I’m waiting to obtain more points before I cash out my earnings.

            There are several other valid survey sites that I have used while breastfeeding, but they either have a very low qualification rate or don’t have a very high pay rate in relation to the sites listed above. Sites like Ipsos I-Say and MySoapBox I only qualify for a survey about 40% of the time and don’t receive any earnings for my time spent trying to qualify, which can be quite frustrating. SurveySpot is another site I have an account for, but it only pays a few cents for a 15 minute survey, while Opinion Outpost will pay a dollar or two for a survey of similar length.

            In the last 9 months since having my little one, I’ve cashed out an average of $13 per month through taking surveys. It doesn’t sound like much, but it pays for our laundry each month! So it’s not something I would do in my spare time or something I would count as a job, but if you’re already going to be sitting with a baby for 3 hours every day, it’s more productive than watching TV or surfing Pinterest the whole time. (Though I will say both of those both O.K. to do – you don’t have to productive 24/7, tired mama!).

            If you have any other ways you make money while breastfeeding, comment below! J

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